Practice Pitching Mounds

Looking to get more practice in? Practice pitching mounds are the perfect way to improve your game! There are plenty of options to choose from and best of all they are much less expensive than game mounds.  The practice mounds are available in either a 4” or 10” height. The 4” practice mounds provide an inexpensive way to allow your young baseball player to pitch off a raised platform.

Benefits of a Practice Pitching Mound

Practice Year Round

Stop taking the winters off and start practicing all year! The main benefit of a practice pitching mound is that you can practice your pitching skills year-round.

Most practice mounds are usable both indoors and outdoors. If you plan to use the mound on a gym floor, you will want to make sure the mound has a non-slip, non-scratch bottom.

Use in the Backyard

As a kid, I remember always practicing pitching off the flat ground. While any practice is good practice, practicing pitching off a raised surface is much better. You will quickly get more acclimated to how pitching feels in a real game. If you want to perfect your accuracy, pitching on a raised surface is ideal.

Practice Pitching Mounds are Great for the Bullpen

Game pitching mounds are rather expensive. Why not save some money for your bullpen mounds? For little leagues, you can use one of the 4” high practice pitching mounds in your bullpen. There are four great options to choose from including the Pitch Pro 334 Practice Mound and the Portolite Economy Practice Mound.

For older players there are a ton of 10” practice mounds. You will see that some of the 10” practice mounds are a third of the price of 10” game mounds. The practice mounds will save you a lot of money and are much more portable and easier to store.

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