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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I Leave the Pitching Mound Outside?

A: Yes, the pitching mounds are built to be left outside. The manufacturers design the pitching mounds to hold up against the rain and other elements. We recommend using a tarp to cover your mound when it is not in use. This will protect the turf and prolong the lifespan of the mound.

We also recommend storing the mound during the winter months in a storage shed when possible. This will keep the mound from sitting in the snow and ice all winter long. 

Q: Do You Offer Lighter Pitching Mounds?

A: As you start to get into the bigger mounds, especially 8” and 10” height mounds, they can get heavy. The bulkiness of the mound does not help when moving the mound. We have the weights listed for each pitching mound that we carry. Proper Pitch offers a light-weight mound that is moveable by 2-3 adults.

Recently, Portolite introduced their two-piece design for their 6”, 8”, and 10” mounds. The two-piece design has been a favorite amongst coaches and tournament directors. It has made moving the mound on and off the field easy, while also making it easier to find a place to store the mounds.

Q: How do you Recommend Moving the Pitching Mound?

The answer to this question varies depending on which mound you own. Smaller pitching mounds are easy to move with two people. They are typically lightweight and weigh under 100 pounds.

For the 10” heavy mounds we recommend 3-4 adults to move the pitching mound. In our experience moving straps make the mounds much easier to use if you only have two or three people.

If you believe moving the mound might be an issues, look into the available 2-piece pitching mounds. Portolite offers 2-piece pitching mounds in a 6″, 8″, and 10″ height.

ProMounds 5070 Pitching Mound

Q: Can you Use Rubber Cleats on the Turf Pitching Mound?

A: Yes, absolutely. The manufacturers we carry approve rubber cleats on their pitching mounds.

Q: Can you Use Metal Cleats on the Turf Mound?

A: You can use metal cleats, although we advise against it. Metal cleats will wear down the turf much quicker than rubber cleats. Most manufacturers project their turf will last anywhere from 5-8 years if treated properly.

When you use metal cleats, they project the turf will only hold up for about one year. If you are planning on using metal cleats on the mounds, we recommend looking at Pitch Pro’s selection of mounds. They offer a turf repair kit that makes it easy to replace the turf.

Q: Do you Recommend a Longer Pitching Mound?

A: It all really comes down to your league’s budget. Some of the smaller pitching mounds work perfectly for many little leagues and municipalities. The smaller mounds are lighter weight making them easier to move.

The advantage with the longer mounds is that the pitcher will be able to end his/her stride on the pitching mound. With the shorter pitching mounds, the pitcher will be finishing their stride on the dirt.

Pitch Pro 486 Pitching Mound

Q: What is the Difference Between a Game Mound and Practice Mound?

Practice pitching mounds typically have large drop-offs on the side of the pitching mounds making them unsafe to use during games. The large drop-offs present a danger to pitchers trying to make a play on the ball hit back at them. Game mounds have a gradual slope towards each side of the mound, making it safe to be used during games.

Q: What Parts of the Mound does the Warranty Cover?

The warranty for each mound varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The one consistent part of each warranty is that the turf is NOT covered under the warranty. Only the core of the mound is covered. This is common in the pitching mound industry as the turf can easily be mistreated by whomever is using it.

Q: Can you Perform Pick-Off Moves on the Mound?

A: Most of the pitching mounds we offer allow for pick-off moves. We recommend reading the product description before purchasing, as it will have more details on pick-off moves. Most mounds offer room to the left and right side of the mound to allow for easy pick-off moves to 1st and 3rd base. Some mounds even offer ample space behind the pitching rubber to allow pickoffs to 2nd base.

Q: Are the Pitching Rubbers Replaceable?

Eventually, the pitching rubber will wear down and need to be replaced. All the pitching mounds we offer make it easy to remove the pitching rubber and replace with a new model. A couple of the manufacturers offer a replacement launch pad right in front of the pitching rubber.

Q: Is the Turf Replaceable?

Yes, you can replace the turf on the pitching mounds as it starts to wear down. Pitch Pro and Portolite both offer turf repair kits that make it very easy to replace parts of the turf at a time or the whole mound!

Q: Can Outdoor Pitching Mounds be Used Indoors?

Many of the pitching mounds we offer are dual purpose, meaning they are for indoor and outdoor use. Some of the mounds, however, are specifically used on turf. For these mounds to work indoors, Portolite offers an anti-skid solid mat that can be placed on the gym floor to prevent the mound from sliding. Additionally, the anti-skid mat will protect the gym floor from scratches.

Q: What Height Pitching Mounds are Required for Each Age Group?

6” High Mounds are used in the following leagues:

  • Little League – Minor and Major divisions
  • Babe Ruth’s Cal Ripken – Rookie, Minor, and Major/60 divisions
  • Dixie League – AA, AAA, and Major divisions
  • Pony League – Bronco division

8” High Mounds are used in the following leagues:

  • Little League – Intermediate division
  • Babe Ruth’s Cal Ripken – Major/70 division
  • Dixie League – “O” Zone division
  • Pony League – Pony division

10” High Mounds are used in the following leagues:

  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Collegiate

Q: Should I Use 4" High Practice Mounds even Though They are Not Regulation Little League Height?

4” high mounds offer an affordable, lightweight practice mound. Most kids when practicing in the backyard are throwing on a level surface. A 4” high mound, while not regulation, allows the pitcher to practice off a raised surface.

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