6" Pitching Mounds

6” high pitching mounds are regulation height for little leagues. If your league will use a pitching mound for its little league games than you need to make sure the mound is 6” tall. Luckily, we put all the 6” pitching mounds in one place. This makes it easy for you to go through and decide which mound works best for your league.

Little league pitching mounds are the most popular, therefore, they have the most options. You will see game mound options from the all the manufacturers including Portolite, Pitch Pro, Proper Pitch, and ProMounds.

Little League Pitching Mounds

Each manufacturer has multiple options when it comes to 6” pitching mounds. Below we give you a brief overview of the different options.

Pitch Pro Pitching Mounds:

Pitch Pro has three little league pitching mound options. Their least expensive option is the 465 Pitching Mound. The 465 Pitching Mound is a stride-off pitching mound, which means that the pitcher will finish their stride on the ground in front of the mound. The mound measures 6 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 6” high.

Pitch Pro’s 486 Pitching Mound is the next step up from the 465. While the mound is slightly more expensive, you receive an additional two feet in length! The total length of the 486 is 8’ long. With the additional 2’ in length, pitchers will complete their stride while landing on the mound.

Last, but not least, of Pitch Pro’s little league pitching mounds is the 796. The 796 Pitching Mound is quite a bit pricier than the 486 but for good reason. It measures 9’6” long, 7’ wide, and 6” high.

The 9’6” length provides enough room for even the tallest of little league pitchers to complete their stride while landing on the pitching mound. Older players can take advantage of the extra width of the mound when practicing pick-off moves.

Portolite Pitching Mounds:

Portolite offers a nice selection of little league pitching mounds. Their first option is the 6” Stride-Off Pitching Mound. Just as the name says, the mound is a stride-off pitching mound. The short length of the mound forces pitchers to land on the ground in front of the mound rather than on the mound itself.

If you need a full-length pitching mound, Portolite has you covered. The Portolite 6” Full Length Pitching Mound is one of the most popular pitching mounds we sell and for good reason.

Many coaches and tournament directors love that the mound is lightweight and portable. The mound has large dimensions allowing for pitchers to finish their stride on the mound and perform pick-off moves.

Speaking about portability, Portolite recently added a two-piece version of the Portolite 6” Full Length Pitching Mound. The mound breaks down into two pieces, which makes it easy to move with as little as two people. Each piece is so light that even kids can assist in moving the mound.

Proper Pitch Pitching Mounds:

Just like Pitch Pro and Portolite, Proper Pitch offers three different game mounds. The first is the Junior Pro Pitch Mound. Proper Pitch’s Junior Pro Mound is 6’ long, 42” wide, and 6” high.

The mound is great for younger pitchers as it is long enough for smaller pitchers to finish their stride on the mound. Taller pitchers will most likely not have enough room to complete their stride on the mound, instead they will land on the dirt in front of the mound.

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