Pitch Pro Model 796 Portable Pitching Mound


  • Dimensions: 9’6″L x 7’W x 6″H
  • Stride Length: 66″
  • Weight: 220 Pounds
  • Fiberglass Core
  • Replaceable Launch Pad and Rubber
  • 10 Year Warranty On Mounds Core
  • USA Manufactured
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Pitch Pro 796 Pitching Mound

The Pitch Pro 796 Pitching Mound is a fuller version of the 486. Like the 486, the 796 is also a 6-inch game mound. The difference being that the 796 is longer and wider than the 486 Pitching Mound. It is the perfect mound for kids up to 14 years old.

This mound is very capable of holding the game’s biggest youth pitchers. Bigger kids, more pronounced pick-off moves, and a real game mound feel are the main reason behind creating the 796 Pitching Mound. Pitch Pro’s innovative mound support structure proves to be essential when dealing with mounds of this size.

Pitch Pro has created a mound that allows pitchers to concentrate on pitching and not have to worry about poor footing, landing area or feel. As the 465 and 486 are very popular with tournament directors, the 796 has become a popular choice for Rec Departments and Complex Managers . The Pitch Pro 796 Pitching Mound will give kids the closest possible feeling to pitching on a real dirt mound without the hassle!

Who uses the 796 Pitching Mound?

The 796 Pitching Mound is built with the regulation height for little leagues. The sloped sides make the mound ideal for leagues who are starting to practice pick-off moves. Below is a list of the different leagues who utilize the Pitch Pro 796.

  • Little League – Minor and Major divisions
  • Babe Ruth’s Cal Ripken – Rookie, Minor, and Major/60 divisions
  • Dixie League – AA, AAA, and Major divisions
  • Pony League – Bronco division

Key Features

Fiberglass Core

The 796 is made out of the highest quality fiberglass. The fiberglass shell will withstand the impact from kids of all ages and sizes pitching on the mound. Pitch Pro has integrated an underneath fiberglass support system on their portable pitching mounds to make them even stronger!

Because they are a full fiberglass core, these pitchers mounds will be able to withstand the elements. Therefore, you can leave the mound out all season.

Replacement Launch Pad

One of Pitch Pro’s biggest innovations in the pitching mound market is the use of a replacement launch pad. If you take a look at the picture, the replacement launchpad is the black pad that sits right in front of the rubber.

On most mounds, this area is usually the first part to get worn down. This section of the mound tends to see the most amount of damage due to kids pivoting and pushing off from this area.

Instead of having to replace the turf, Pitch Pro designed and easy to placement pad to increase the longevity of their mounds. This will allow teams and tournament directors to easily keep their mounds in the best shape at a fraction of the cost!

Pitch Pro Replacement Launch Pad
Pitch Pro Replacement Launch Pad

Larger Dimensions

The large dimensions of the 796 pitcher’s mound make it a top seller. It has a 66” stride length. This allows pitchers to go through their stride and still land on the pitching mound with room to spare. Unlike some mounds where there is a huge slope on the sides of the mounds, the 796 has a gradual slope making pickoff moves or other others plays off the mound feel natural.

10-Year Warranty

Pitch Pro believes in the quality of their product. Therefore, they back their pitching mounds with a 10 year warranty. They know that the fiberglass shell will easily last 10+ years. You can expect to get plenty of mileage out your Pitch Pro Pitching Mound.

Made in USA!

Pitch Pro manufactures their pitching mounds in Kansas City, Missouri! They inspect each  mound before they leave the warehouse. When ordering a Pitch Pro mound, you know you will be receiving the highest quality.

Additional information

Weight 180 lbs
Dimensions 114 × 84 × 6 in

Pitch Pro



Mounds Height

6 Inch Mound

3 reviews for Pitch Pro Model 796 Portable Pitching Mound

  1. Mike

    Great mound! The fiberglass core makes this mound feel super durable. Was worried about moving the mound on and off the field. Was not an issues for me and another coach to lift.

  2. Bill

    This mound is a workhorse! Have had the 796 for 4 years now. Strongly recommend.

  3. Ken

    The 796 Pitching Mound had the large dimensions my league was looking for. The field we needed a mound for was for the older kids that were starting to practice pick-off moves. It works great and is very durable.

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