4" Pitching Mounds

The height of the pithing mounds on our website are either 4”, 6”, 8”, or 10”. 6” high mounds are regulation little league. 8” high mounds are for players transitioning between little league and middle school. 10” high mounds are for middle school players up to professionals. That leaves the 4” mound. 4” pitching mounds are not regulation height for any age group; however, they provide a raised surface to practice your pitching skills. A raised surface will help kids get comfortable pitching on a pitching mound and will help their pitch control.

Why Buy a 4” Pitching Mound:

Raised Surface

While the 4” mound is not regulation height for any age group, it makes for a great training tool. Instead of practicing in the backyard off the flat ground, a 4” mound allows the pitcher to get used to pitching off a raised surface.

Increased Pitch Control

Pitching from a raised elevation will help you with your pitch control.


4” mounds are typically lightweight and small dimensions. This makes it easy to throw in the back of the car and take it with you to the ballfields.

Easy to Store

For the bigger mounds we carry you will need a storage shed or a big part of your garage to store the mound. The 4” mounds are smaller, making it easier for you to find a space to store.

Great Bullpen Mound

The point of a bullpen mound is to warmup before heading into the game. The 4” mounds, while not regulation height, offer a better alternative than pitching from the ground.

Inexpensive Option

Whether you are using the 4” mound in your backyard or in the bullpen, they present a cheaper alternative than other practice mounds. Most practice pitching mounds are three times or more the price of a 4” mound.

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Showing all 5 results

4” Pitching Mound Options:

Portolite Economy Pitching Mound

The Portolite Economy Pitching Mound is our most popular 4” mound. This mound is moveable by one adult with it weighing only 30 pounds.

Portolite 4” Stride Pitching Mound

The difference between the 4” Stride Mound and the Economy Mound is the width. The 4” Stride is a foot wider, giving pitchers more room on the mound.

Pitch Pro 334 Pitching Mound

The 334 Pitching Mound is another popular option. The mound is lightweight, portable, and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Proper Pitch Jr. Trainer

The Jr. Trainer Pitching Mound has a seven-sided design. This design allows pitchers to step off in any direction on the pitching mound.

ProMounds Training Mound

The Training Mound is the lightest weight mound that we carry. It weighs only 21 pounds!