Softball Mats

Benefits of a Softball Pitching Mat

Prevent Wear on Dirt/Turf

Softball pitching mounds will get beat up over the course of a game. Typically, a softball mound will need maintenance before and after every single game. If you are tired of the extra maintenance you put into your softball dirt mound, a softball pitching mat is a great alternative. Softball pitching mats protect dirt and turf fields from wear and tear caused by pitchers. A softball mat will save you many hours of hard work maintaining your dirt mound over the course of a season.

Softball Mats are Great for Game or Practice Use

Most softball mats work for both indoor and outdoor use. This means you can use the mound for games during the season and practice in the gym during the winter months. Many softball mats have a non-slip backing which allows for indoor and outdoor use.

Regulation Rubber Included

Most of the softball pitching mats include a regulation rubber. A standard pitching rubber for softball games measures 24” by 6”. These pitching rubbers are easily replaceable if ever needed.

Some Softball Mats include Stride Lines

Many of the practice softball mats come with stride lines. The stride lines help young pitchers determine exactly where they need to land at the end of their stride. They keep the pitchers centered, rather than too far off to the left or right.

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