Pitch Pro Pitching Mounds

Over the last decade, Pitch Pro Pitching Mounds has emerged as the go-to mounds for many coaches and tournament directors. They manufacture high end, durable pitching mounds that will serve any little league, municipality, school, or university for many years. Pitch Pros’ mounds offer several features that set it apart from the competition.

Pitch Pro ships all their mounds from their warehouse in Kansas City, Missouri. With their warehouse centrally located in the US, east and west coast customers will receive their mound in a timely fashion. All Pitch Pro Mounds, excluding the 334 Pitching Mound, ship via LTL freight. Meanwhile, the 334 will ship via FedEx/UPS.

What Separates Pitch Pro Pitching Mounds from the competition:

Fiberglass Core

Pitch Pro builds their portable game mounds with a fiberglass core. Fiberglass is the strongest material used to build any pitching mound on the market, making each mound rigid and durable. Better yet, each mound comes with fiberglass support beams on the bottom of the mound. Pitch Pro Mounds would be plenty durable without the support beams; however, the support beams add an extra measure to ensure the longevity of the mound.

Innovative Replaceable Launch Pad

Pitch Pro’s mounds come standard with a replaceable pitching rubber and launch pad. The launch pad is the black strip right in front of the pitching rubber. This spot in front of the pitching rubber is the spot that wears first on all other pitching mounds.

Pitch Pro introduced the launch pad so customers can easily replace the turf in this spot, without needing to do a full turf repair job. The launch pad and pitching rubber unscrew, allowing coaches to replace both within minutes.

Gel Coat-down Design

Pitch Pro applies a gelcoat to their pitching mounds to make them weather and UV resistant. As with most pitching mounds, we recommend storing them inside when not in use. Due to the bulky nature of most pitching mounds, they are a pain to move.

Pitch Pro designs their mounds to withstand the elements, which allows coaches to leave them on the field until the next game. We do recommend using a tarp to protect the turf if you expect heavy rain.

DIY Easy to Use Heavy-Duty Turf/Turf Repair Kits

Pitch Pro uses heavy-duty turf on all their pitching mounds. Pitch Pro expects the turf to last 6-8 years when using rubber cleats on the mounds (only one year if using metal cleats). After 6-8 years when the mound needs the turf replaced, Pitch Pro makes it easy with their turf repair kits.

The turf repair kits are relatively inexpensive compared to buying a new mound. The turf repair kits make it easy to replace the old, worn-out turf, allowing you to get more mileage out of the mound.

10 Year Warranty on Pitching Mound Core!

With all the amazing features listed above, it is easy to see why Pitch Pro has full confidence in their product. That is why they offer a 10-year warranty on all pitching mounds. The 10-year warranty covers the core of the pitching mound, not the turf.

Pitch Pro Makes Pitching Mounds for all Age Groups

Pitch Pro’s lineup of pitching mounds will meet the needs of any age group. They offer pitching mounds ranging from 4” high to 10” high. They have smaller pitching mounds that meet the regulations needed for little leagues which include the 465, 486 and 796 Pitching Mounds.

Pitch Pro offers a transition mound that can used in the 12-14 age group with the 898. They also have a large 10” mound that can be used for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and professional teams.

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Pitch Pro’s Portable Mound Break Down

334 Practice Pitching Mound

The Pitch Pro 334 Pitching Mound is mainly used as a practice mound. With the mound being only 4” high, it does not meet regulation little league requirements of a 6” mound. Young pitchers use the Pitch Pro 334 as a training tool. It is perfect for the backyard and warm-ups before the game. The 334 makes a nice bullpen mound for pitchers getting ready to enter the game.

465 Game Pitching Mound

Pitch Pro’s 465 Pitching Mound is the first in Pitch Pro’s lineup that is for in-game usage. The 465 is a 6” high mound, meeting the requirements to be used for little league action. The mound is 4 feet wide and 6 feet long. This mound is a favorite among tournament directors due to its lightweight and portability. The mound weighs only 65 pounds, making it easy to move from field to field.

486 Game Pitching Mound

The Pitch Pro 486 Pitching Mound is the upgraded version of the 465. 486 Pitching Mounds have the same width and height as the 465, however, it is an extra two feet in length. The extra length gives the pitcher the ability to finish his/her stride on the pitching mound. There is a 64” stride length that measures from the pitching rubber to the end of the pitching mound. The 486 weighs 115 pounds. While it is 50 pounds heavier than the 465, the 486 is still easily transportable by two adults.

796 Game Pitching Mound

The Pitch Pro 796 Pitching Mound is the top tier option when it comes to 6” high mounds. 796 Pitching Mounds are a large, heavy-duty mound that allows pitchers to not only finish their strides on the mound, but also perform pick-off moves. It measures 9’6” in length and 7’ in width. The added length is mostly seen in the back of the mound, behind the pitching rubber. Behind the pitching rubber there is a nice flat surface where pitchers can step off and try to pick-off runners. The stride length also increases from 64” on the 486 to 66” on the 796. The extra 2” makes a difference when it comes to taller pitchers. The 796 weighs 220 pounds. It will take three or four adults to move the mound due to the weight and size.

898 Game Pitching Mound

The Pitch Pro 898 Pitchers Mound is the transition mound between little leagues and high school. Many leagues are starting to use 8” high pitching mounds to make the transition easier for pitchers that are moving from youth baseball to high school. It is a big jump going from a 6” mound to a 10” mound. 8” mounds are typically used on 50/70 baseball fields. Pitch Pro’s 898 Mound measures 10’4” in length and 7’ in width. The 898 has a long stride length to account for taller pitchers. Measuring 76″, the 898’s stride length will accommodate middle school and high school pitchers.

8121 Game Pitching Mound

The 8121 Portable Pitching Mound is for the 14-18 age group, high schools, colleges, and professionals. It is regulation height for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and professional baseball.