Portolite Pitching Mounds

Portolite is one of the frontrunners in the portable pitching mound industry due to the durability of their pitching mounds, their lightweight design, and their commitment to their customers by providing a 10-year warranty on every mound. Portolite has a unique lineup of pitching mounds that will meet the needs of any little league, parks & rec department, school, college, or professional team. They have a large selection of indoor/outdoor practice mounds and game mounds for all age groups.

What makes Portolite Pitching Mounds Greater than the Competition?

2-Piece Mound Innovation

Recently, Portolite introduced their two-piece game mounds. Many of our customers complained with the size and weight of the pitching mounds we offered. Most game mounds require three or four adults to move the mound on and off the field. They can weigh up to 300 pounds and are rather bulky, making it impossible to move without a few helpers.

Portolite took it upon themselves to offer an alternative that would be easier for customers to move and store. Portolite introduced the two-piece mound for the 8” and 10” mounds a couple baseball seasons ago. Due to the popularity, Portolite recently came out with the two-piece option for their 6” Game Mound as well. Their innovation has made life easier for many tournament directors and coaches.

Strength & Durability of Portolite Mounds

Portolite pitching mounds withstand the constant pressure it will be put through from pitchers of all heights and weights. Each mound has a high performance, poly protected, and resilient core. Portolite reinforces the core with fiberglass, which add years of durability to each mound.

Additionally, the manufacturer is so confident in the core of their mounds, that they backed it with a 10-year warranty. With every mound that we sell, the turf will face the most wear and tear. However, Portolite uses the highest quality AstroTurf to ensure longevity.

The part of the mound that gets “beat up” the most is right in front of the pitching rubber. Portolite installs a hidden wear spot in front of the pitching rubber on all mounds, increasing the longevity.

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Portolite Pitching Mounds Products:

Economy Youth Mound

The Portolite Economy Youth Pitching Mound is an entry level mound. It is perfect for kids 12 & under who are looking to get a jumpstart on perfecting their pitching skills. The mound is a practice mound since it 4” high (6” high is regulation little league). This mound is ideal for use in the backyard and for bullpen practice.

6” Stride Off Game Pitching Mound

The 6” Stride Off Mound is one of the most affordable game pitching mounds on the market. It is the perfect mound for Little Leagues that are on a budget. It fits the regulations for little league requirements. The mound weighs only 55 pounds, making it easy to move on and off the field.

2 Piece 10” Indoor Practice Pitching Mound

This mound is different from most other practice mounds as it does not include turf. The mound is 10” high making it a perfect training tool for middle school, high school, and collegiate pitchers. It is perfect for indoors and will not damage or scratch gym floors. The two-piece design makes it easy to store in a closet within the gym.

10” Practice Mound w/ Turf

This mound is similar to the one above, however, it includes turf. The turf makes it a great mound for indoor and outdoor use. It is standard height for middle schoolers all the way up to professional players. This mound is available in a single piece and two-piece design.

10” Oversized Practice Mound w/ Turf

The Oversized Practice Mound has all the same features as the other practice mounds, just with larger dimensions. The mound measures 10’ in length and 5’ in width. It is perfect for baseball academies, high schools, and colleges where you will taller pitchers practicing.

6” Full Length Pitching Mound

The Portolite 6” Full Length Pitching Mound allows pitchers to finish their stride landing on the mound. It measures 8’11” long and 5’ wide. The mound is 6” high which makes it regulation height for all little leagues. The mound has tapered edges, making it easy for pitchers to move on and off the mound. The 6” mound weighs 120 pounds. To make moving & storing the mound easier, the 6” mound is now available as two-piece mound. Each piece of the mound weighs only 60 pounds, making it easy for two adults to move on and off the ballfield.

Portolite 6107 Pitching Mound

8” Full Length Pitching Mound

8” Pitching Mounds have been increasing in popularity. They are for 50/70 ball fields, helping kids transition from a 6” high mound in little league to a 10” high mound in middle school and high school. The Portolite 8” Full Length Pitching Mound has large dimensions which allows pitchers to complete their stride on the mound and perform pick-off moves to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, base. The mound weighs 180 pounds making it a 2-3 adult job to move it. Luckily, Portolite now offers the 8” two-piece mound, making the mound easier to move. The 2-piece mound has an overlapping interlock design which ensures the mound will stay in place for the duration of its use.

10” Full Length Pitching Mound

The 10” Mound is regulation height to be used for middle schools, high schools, colleges, and professional teams. The Portolite 10” Mound has large dimensions on the length and width, which allows taller athletes to finish their stride on the mound. This 10” mound differentiates itself from the competition due to its lightweight design. Weighing only 200 pounds, the Portolite 10” Game Mound is the lightest 10” game mound on the market. Even better, the mound is now available in 2-piece form! You will not find another mound on the market that is as lightweight, portable, and durable as the Portolite 10” Game Mound!