8" Pitching Mounds

8” pitching mounds are a relatively new idea. Before, game pitching mounds were either 6” or 10” high. Little league baseball players would play their games on a 6” mound and then make the jump to a 10” pitching mound in middle school. Many little league programs are now incorporating an 8” pitching mound into their games. 8” pitching mounds give young pitchers the chance to get used to a higher mound, rather than making the quick jump to a 10” mound.

Portolite 8” Pitching Mound

Portolite actually makes two 8” game pitching mounds. They manufacture the 8” Full Length and 8” Full-Length 2-Piece Pitching Mounds. Both portable mounds are the same, however, the 8” 2-Piece option breaks down into two pieces. People are big fans of the 2-piece because it is easy to move on and off the field and to store.

Portolite is another manufacturer who manufactures their pitching mounds with fiberglass. Portolite knew fiberglass pitching mounds were superior. They have successfully built a lineup of pitching mounds that are not only strong from the fiberglass, but also lightweight. Just like Pitch Pro, Portolite backs their 8” Pitching Mound with a 10-year warranty. They know their product will last you a long time and want customers to feel confident when purchasing. You can’t go wrong with any Portolite Pitching Mound!

Pitch Pro 898 Pitching Mound

The Pitch Pro 898 Pitching Mound is one of the top-selling 8” pitching mounds and for good reason. A big reason is the pitching mounds large dimensions. The 898 measures 10’4” long! This is the longest 8” pitching mound option. With such a long length, Pitch Pro built in a 76” stride length. Long stride lengths pitchers the ability to finish their stride on the pitching mound. The 898 Pitching Mound is also 7’ wide, which gives pitchers the space to perform pick-off moves.

Another reason for the Pitch Pro 898’s popularity is its fiberglass core. The fiberglass core gives the pitching mound the strength it needs to last an incredibly long time. Fiberglass pitching mounds historically outlast wood pitching mounds by a long shot. Pitch Pro is so confident in their fiberglass core that they back the 898 Pitching Mound with a 10-year warranty.

Proper Pitch 8” Pitching Mound

Proper Pitch is the manufacturer of both the 8” Classic Pitching Mound and the 8” Tapered Pitching Mound. There is only one difference between the two. The only difference is that the Tapered Pitching Mound tapers to the ground, while the class option does not. Tapered sides allow the pitcher an easier time to get off the mound.

Another great thing about the Proper Pitch 8″ Pitching Mounds is the price. Both products are significantly cheaper than other 8″ options. The Tapered Game Mound is over $600 cheaper than the next cheapest.

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