Pitch Pro Model 486 Portable Pitching Mound


  • Dimensions: 8’L x 4’W x 6″H
  • Weights only 115 Pounds
  • Full Stride Mound
  • Fiberglass Core
  • Replaceable Launch Pad and Rubber
  • 10 Year Warranty On Mounds Core
  • Free Shipping!
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Pitch Pro 486 Pitching Mound

The Pitch Pro 486 Pitching Mound is 6” high regulation little league size mound. This mound is the next step up from Pitch Pro’s 465 model. Unlike the 465, with the 486 portable mounds, pitchers will land on the actual mound and not the dirt. The 486 has a stride length of 64” making it perfect for players ages 8-14.

Pitch Pro crafts each pitching mound to have the regulation slope. This makes it feel like you are pitching on a regular dirt mound.

The 486 a very widely used because it is portable, durable, and very reasonably priced. This mound only weighs 115 pounds and can easily fit in the back of an SUV or truck bed.

Pitch Pro 486 Pitching Mound
Pitch Pro 486 Pitching Mound

Who uses the 486?

The Pitch Pro 486 Pitching Mound is regulation height for the following leagues:

  • Little League – Minor and Major divisions
  • Babe Ruth’s Cal Ripken – Rookie, Minor, and Major/60 divisions
  • Dixie League – AA, AAA, and Major divisions
  • Pony League – Bronco division

Key Features

Longer Stride Length

The Pitch Pro 486 Pitching Mound is the next step up from the 465 Mound. Pitch Pro’s 465 Pitching Mound is a stride-off mound, meaning pitcher will land on the dirt in front of the mound. However, the Pitch Pro 486 has a 64″ stride length which gives the pitcher room to complete his stride and land on the pitching mound.

Fiberglass Core

Pitch Pro builds the 486 Pitching Mound with a fiberglass core! The fiberglass construction makes the 486 one of the most durable mounds. The 486 comes with supporting fiberglass bars that go from the pitching rubber down to the edge of the mound. This allows the mound to absorb the impact from pitchers of all sizes.

In addition to supporting larger pitchers, the 486 will hold up against the rain and cold. Most mounds will have to be stored in a shed on a daily basis. The 486 you can leave outside for the duration of the season. However, we do recommend storing all mounds away during the winter months.

Pitch Pro Fiberglass Core
Pitch Pro's Fiberglass Core

Replacement Launch Pad

One of the great features of the Pitch Pro pitching mounds is the replacement launch pad. If you take a look at the picture, the replacement launch pad is the black pad that sits right in front of the rubber. Since this is where the pitcher starts his stride, it is the most abused part of the mound. The launch pad is easily removed and replaced.

With other mounds you have to cut out a piece of the turf or replace the entire turf. The launch pad will save you time and money when it comes time to repair.

Lightweight Design

With the 486, you get both the durability from the fiberglass core and the portability with the mound weighing only 115 pounds. Whether you are moving the mound to another field or to the storage shed, the mound can be easily moved by two people.

Includes a 10-Year Warranty

Pitch Pro believes in their product so much that they back all their mound’s with a 10 year warranty. They know that the fiberglass shell will easily last 10+ years. You can expect to get plenty of mileage out of all Pitch Pro Pitching Mounds.

Made in the USA!

All Pitch Pro products are manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri! Pitch Pro inspects each and every one of their mounds before leaving the warehouse. Therefore, when ordering a Pitch Pro mound, you can know you will be receiving only the highest quality.

Pitch Pro Pitching Mound Size Guide

Pitch Pro Size Guide

Pitch Pro 486 Pitching Mound Video

Additional information

Weight 115 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 72 × 6 in

Pitch Pro



Mounds Height

6 Inch Mound

4 reviews for Pitch Pro Model 486 Portable Pitching Mound

  1. John C.

    I was debating between the 486 and 465. Glad I chose the 486. It has the longer length to land on the mound. Kids love it and has been great for our games and practices.

  2. Chris

    Our Pitch Pro 486 Mound has lasted us nearly 10 years. We recently bought a couple other Pitch Pro pitching mounds for the other age groups and love their products.

  3. Alan

    I spoke with Matt a few years ago before purchasing and he helped guide me towards the 486 Pitching Mound. Pitch Pro does a nice job with the core of the pitching mound and the support bars. Have not had any problems with the core and have only had to do minor touch ups on the turf in the 4-5 years we’ve owned it.

  4. Tyler

    Excellent pitching mound for little leagues!

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