Pitch Pro Model 465 Portable Pitching Mound


  • 4’ W X 6’ L X 6” H
  • Replaceable Launch Pad Located in Front of Pitching Rubber
  • Includes Pitching Rubber
  • Weighs only 65 lbs.
  • Backed by a 10-year Warranty
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Pitch Pro 465 Pitching Mound

The Pitch Pro 465 Pitching Mound is what is known as a stride-off pitching mound. With a stride-off pitching mound, the pitcher finishes their stride on the dirt in front of the mound. It is widely used by little leagues across the country for both games and practices.

Pitch Pro built the 465 to have a number of greate features that sets the mound apart from the competition. It has a combination of durability and portability that make it favorite for little league presidents and tournament directors.

pitch pro 465 pitching mound

Who uses the 465 Pitching Mound?

The mound is regulation height for the following leagues:

  • Little League – Minor and Major divisions
  • Babe Ruth’s Cal Ripken – Rookie, Minor, and Major/60 divisions
  • Dixie League – AA, AAA, and Major divisions
  • Pony League – Bronco division

Key Features

Replacement Launch Pad – Like every other Pitch Pro game mound, the 465 comes with a launch pad right in front of the pitching rubber. 

Lightweight – The Pitch Pro 465 Pitching Mound is one of the lightest 6″ game mounds available. For this reason, it is a favorite amongst tournament directors and little league presidents. Easily move the mound from field to field with two adults.

Regulation Dimensions – The mound is one of the smaller game mounds we offer, however, it is regulation size for little leagues. It meets the 6″ high requirement for game use. 

Should I Buy the 465 or 486?

As you can see from the chart below, the 486 Pitching Mound is the next size up to the 465. With the height and width the same for both mounds, the only difference between the two are the length and weight. 

Prefer the pitcher land on the pitching mound rather than area in front of the mound? Then the 486 is right for you! Do not care about the landing area and prefer a lightweight mound? Then save the extra money and go with the 465!

Pitch Pro Size Guide

Pitch Pro 465 Pitching Mound Video

Additional information

Weight 115 lbs
Dimensions 96 × 72 × 6 in

Pitch Pro



Mounds Height

6 Inch Mound

3 reviews for Pitch Pro Model 465 Portable Pitching Mound

  1. Brian

    The kids love the 465 Pitching Mound. It works perfectly for games and practice. If I had a chance to do it all over again I would probably upgrade to the 486. It would be nice for the pitchers to be able to land on the pitching mound. With that being said, the quality of this mound is unmatched. The fiberglass shell is well built.

  2. Andy

    Great pitching mound for little leagues. Needed something to replace our dirt mound that was a lot of maintenance. The 465 did the trick. Real light and easy to move but very durable with the fiberglass.

  3. Andrew

    Perfect for our little league and shipped quick!

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