ProMounds Major League Pitching Mound


  • Dimensions: 8’3″L x 5’W x 6″H
  • Weight: 70 Lbs.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, for practices or games
  • Official Little League mound specifications
  • Available in clay or green
  • Not designed for use with metal cleats
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ProMounds Major League Pitching Mound

The ProMounds Major League Pitching Mound is perfect for any youth baseball league. It allows you to convert any field into a baseball field in minutes. Throw from the official size rubber and land on the mound. ProMounds constructs from lightweight, high density foam, PRAT (ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology), and spike resistant artificial turf. The high density foam creates a durable, lightweight design. PRAT technology seals the foam and will not scratch gym floors. Additionally, the spike resistant artificial turf completes the mound which give you a real game feel. Comes with green or clay turf.

Key Features:

  • Low Maintenance – Dirt pitching mounds require a lot of work to get it ready for action. However, you will not have that problem with the ProMounds Major League. Simply place the mound 45′ from home plate, where the dirt mound would have went, and your ready to play ball!
  • Official Size Rubber – Each mound comes with an official size rubber.
  • ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology – ProMounds constructs their mounds from high density foam, PRAT (ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology) and spike resistant artificial turf.
  • Portable – The mound weighs only 70 pounds, which makes it easy for two coaches/adults to move the pitching mound.
  • Variety of Uses – While the mound is primarily a game pitching mound, many customers use the mound for indoor practice. ProMounds designs the back of the Major League Mound to not scratch gym floors.
  • Official Little League Specs – The Major League is regulation height for use in little league games. It is 6″ high, 8’3″ long, and 5′ wide.
  • Land on the Mound – Many pitching mounds in the same price range as the Major League, are too small in length for pitchers to finish their stride on the mound. However, ProMounds built the Major League to have a long stide, allowing pitchers to complete their pitch landing on the mound.
  • Two Color Options – The Major League Pitching Mound is available with either green or clay turf.
  • No Metal Cleats – ProMounds highly recommends NOT using metal cleats on any of their pitching mounds. Metal cleats tear into the turf, which forces you to repair or replace the turf more often.

Additional information

Weight 70 lbs
Dimensions 99 × 60 × 6 in



Clay, Green

Mounds Height

6 Inch Mound

1 review for ProMounds Major League Pitching Mound

  1. Vito

    Lightweight and affordable. Kids love it.

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