ProMounds ProModel Pitching Mound


  • Dimensions: 9’L x 5’W x 10”H
  • Weight: 140 lbs.
  • Built-in pitching rubber
  • Great for indoor drill work
  • Durable, lightweight and strong
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ProMounds ProModel Pitching Mound

Why is the ProMounds ProModel Pitching Mound perfect for high schools, colleges, professionals, and baseball academies? The Promodel Mound is a foot wider than the Collegiate Mound. The mound is 5′ wide, 9′ long, and 10″ high. ProMounds’ Promodel features large dimensions, which give taller pitchers plenty of space when they are the mound. Shorter mounds do not give pitchers enough space to land on the mound. Instead, they land on the ground in front of the mound. This will not be a problem with the ProModel Pitching Mound, thanks to its long length.

ProMounds makes their mounds with three essential components, which provides durability. They use high density foam and ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology to complete the core of their mounds. Once the core of the mound is complete, they cover the mound with spike-resistant artificial turf. Each pitching mound comes with a built-in pitching rubber.

Key Features:

  • Skid-Proof – The ProMounds builds the ProModel Pitching Mounds with skid-proof bottom. This allows you to use the mound in gyms or other slick surfaces, without the mound moving or scratching the floor. 
  • 5′ wide – The ProModel is a foot wider than the collegiate mound, which gives pitchers more room to start their stride. 
  • Indoor Drill Work – Does your team need practice during the offseason? The ProModel Mound is perfect for indoor use during the winter months. Works great on gym floors and is portable.
  • Portable – The mound is a little heavier than some other practice mounds, however, it includes a handle which makes it easier to move with two people.
  • Durable – ProMounds makes the mound with a combination of PRAT (ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology) and high density foam. 
  • Spike-Resistant Turf
  • Caddy – The ProModel Mound comes with a caddy, which makes it even easier to move and store the mound.

ProMounds ProModel Pitching Mound Video

Additional information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 108 × 60 × 10 in


Mounds Height

10 Inch Mound

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  1. Chris

    ProMounds makes a great practice mound. Ordered a couple for our facility.

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