Mound Height

The pitching mound height makes all the difference when you are purchasing. We have a lot of customers who purchase the wrong size for their league or school and need to switch it out for a new mound. With the price of shipping, this gets costly quick! Our goal is to ensure you purchase the right sized pitching mound for your team, so you don’t have to go through the hassle of a return.

4” Pitching Mounds

4” Pitching Mounds are strictly for practice. You will need to go a size higher if you are looking for a little league. However, the 4” pitching mound does serve a purpose. It provides a raised surface that can be used in the backyard or in the bullpen.

6” Pitching Mound

6” Pitching Mounds are used for little leagues, which is why they are also called little league pitching mounds. Little league pitching mounds must be exactly 6” high to be eligible for use in games. Luckily, all the manufacturers we work with offer their own variation of the 6” mound. Some of the options are larger than others, while some are very lightweight and portable. The good news is there are plenty of options to fit your league’s budget.

8” Pitching Mound

The 8” Pitching Mound is for 50/70 games. 50/70 games are for older little league players to help them transition into the 60/90 field. It is a big jump from little league to middle school and the 50/70 fields are good to help young players be ready!

10” Pitching Mound

The 10” Pitching Mound is reserved for the older players. Any player from middle school all the way up to professionals, use a 10” pitching mound. 10” pitching mounds are typically very large in size to accommodate larger pitchers. That is why it is nice to find a solid lightweight option, such as the Portolite 2-Piece 10” Pitching Mound.

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