Proper Pitch Classic 10 Inch Game Mound

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  • Dimensions: 11’6″L x 8’3″W x 10″H
  • Weight: 260 lbs.
  • Shock Absorbing Landing Area
  • Lightweight Design
  • Non Slip, Non Marking Backing
  • Free Shipping

10 Inch Portable Pitchers Game Mound

The Proper Pitch Game pitching mound is the mound needed for your baseball league. The mound is best used during game play, in the bullpen, or during practice but can also be used at home or indoors. The rubber backing on the Game Mound allows the mound to be used in gymnasiums without hurting the floor. It also has shock absorbing landing areas and is built from state of the art computer designed using regulation specifications. Whether you want to use this machine in your backyard, on the field, or in the bullpen this is the perfect mound for you. It is easy to move and it is backed by one year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. All Proper Pitching Mounds ship FREE!

The 10” Pitcher’s Mound is regulation dimensions for:

  • Middle School
  • High School
  • Collegiate

Key Features:

  • Shock Absorbing Landing Area– The shock absorbing landing area is a great feature that adds durability to the pitching mound. This area absorbs a lot of the pressure that is placed on the mound when the pitcher completes his stride providing the mound with more durability. This landing area will also reduce stress on pitcher’s ligaments.
  • High Strength Construction– All of Proper Pitch’s mounds are built to last. They are very durable and you will get a lot of usage out of anyone of their mounds. They are also designed to be lightweight to make them easier to carry on and off the field.
  • Non Slip, Non Marking Backing– This mound is primarily used as a game mound but doubles as a practice mound. The mound has a non-slip, non-marking backing that allows teams to bring the mound indoors during winter training and inclement weather to practice their pitching.
  • Larger Dimensions– The dimensions of the mound are 11’6” Long x 8’3” Wide x 10” High.
  • Lightweight Design– The 10″ Game Mound weighs only 260 pounds. 260 pounds is significantly less than comparable models that are 10” mounds. This allows the mound to be easily transported with two or three people.
  • All Proper Pitch Pitching Mounds come with a one-year warranty on the core of the mound.
  • Made in USA– This mound is manufactured right here in the USA!

Additional information

Weight 260.00 lbs
Dimensions 138 × 99 × 10 in

Proper Pitch


Clay, Green

Mounds Height

10 Inch Mound


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