ProMounds Pitching Mounds

ProMounds Pitching Mounds has been a leader in the industry since 2001. Initially, ProMounds started by offering a small set of high-quality portable mounds. They have since expanded their selection of baseball mounds and added a softball pitching mat line.

ProMounds recently teamed up with legendary softball player, Jennie Finch, to offer multiple softball mats. The entire product line, both baseball and softball mounds, are lightweight and durable. They take pride in the products they offer and that shows in the mound’s quality.

ProMounds is unique in the fact that they only offer 6” high mounds in their selection of game mounds. They do not offer any 8” or 10” high game pitching mounds.

There are four different game pitching mounds to choose from including the 5070, Bronco, Minor League, and Major League Pitching Mounds. They do offer two 10” Practice Mounds, a 4” Practice Mound, and Softball Pitching Mats

ProMounds Pitching Mound Features:

High Density Foam

ProMounds constructs each mound with high-density foam. The high-density foam is lightweight, making the mounds easy to move.


PRAT stands for ProMounds Rubber Armor Technology. The PRAT Technology seals the high-density foam along the outside of the mound. The PRAT Technology allows the mounds to be used indoors and outdoors.

Spike Resistant Artificial Turf

When ProMounds mentions that the turf is spike resistant, they are referring to rubber cleats. They do not recommend using metal cleats on their mounds. However, the turf they use will hold up well for rubber cleats. They use a heavy-duty turf to ensure that you will get plenty of years out of the mound.

Multiple Color Options

The mounds are available in both clay and green.

Lightweight Design

As mentioned above, ProMounds uses high-density foam to construct their mounds. This foam is extremely lightweight. ProMounds Game Mounds range from 36 pounds up to 70 pounds. They have the lightest portable game mounds on the market!

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