Proper Pitch Pitching Mounds

Proper Pitch has been selling mounds for a long time which has allowed them to fine tune their pitching mounds over the years to best fit the needs of their customers. With all of the amazing features that Proper Pitch Mound has to offer, it is no surprise that we receive excellent feedback on all of their mounds from our customers.

Proper Pitch Mound Features

Shock Absorbing Landing Area

Proper Pitch Mounds include a shock absorbing landing area towards the front of the mound, where pitchers will be finishing their stride. The benefits of the shock-absorbing landing area are two-fold.

First, the area will reduce the impact on the pitcher’s ligaments when they land on the mound. Second, the landing area will last longer because it is able to absorb the force of the pitchers constantly landing on the same spot.

Tapered Game Pitching Mound Options

When going through Proper Pitch’s selection of pitching mounds you will notice that there are classic options and tapered options. The edges of the classic option sit about ¾” to 1” off the ground. This makes it more difficult for pitchers to perform pick-off moves.

The tapered option is available in all the larger mounds for an additional $150-$200. The mounds edges taper to the ground allowing a smooth transition between the mound and the dirt.

Lightweight, High-Strength Design

All of Proper Pitch’s Mounds are engineered using a computer to get the perfect strength, dimensions, and still have the lightweight design. Many pitching mounds on the market are hundreds of pounds heavier than what Proper Pitch offers.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

Each mound comes equipped with a non-slip, non-marking backing. This allows the mound to be used indoors on a gym surface without scratching the floors. The mounds are also perfect for outdoor use. Proper Pitch Mounds will hold up to the elements. We do recommend putting a tarp over the mound when not in use to protect the turf.

High Quality Turf

Proper Pitch uses artificial turf to cover all of their pitching mounds. We recommend using rubber cleats when using any of the pitching mounds we offer on our website. Rubber cleats will preserve the longevity of the pitching mounds. Metal cleats put too much wear and tear on the mound, causing the turf to rip apart quickly.

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