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Advantages & Disadvantages of a Turf Pitching Mound

Turf Pitching Mound Advantages

Turf Pitching Mounds are Less Maintenance

The core of a turf pitching mound will last you years, if not decades. Pitch Pro and Portolite back the core of their mounds with a 10-year warranty because they are confident in their longevity. Since, the core of the mound is not a concern, the only part of the mound that occasionally needs repair is the turf. Turf pitching mounds will get beat up over time. How long it lasts depends on the usage and if you are using rubber or metal cleats. Metal cleats will damage the turf quicker. The turf will usually last little leagues between 3-5 years before they need to consider repairing or replacing the turf.

Turf Pitching Mounds are Easier to Repair

The different manufacturers make it to replace or repair the turf. Many of the manufacturers offer a turf repair kit. Most of the time, you simply must cut out the damaged piece of turf and replace it with the new turf. There are videos and articles on how to repair a turf pitching mound properly. Most of the time it will only take around a half hour to successfully replace the turf.

The part of the mound right in front of the pitching rubber is the most utilized spot on the mound. Therefore, it is the part of the mound that sees the most wear and tear. Luckily, a few of the manufacturers offer what they call a launch pad right in front of the rubber. The launch pad is easily replaceable and cost-effective.

Switch Between Baseball & Softball

Many little leagues and schools use the same field for both baseball and softball. If you have a dirt mound, it prohibits you from using the field for softball. However, a portable pitching mound moves easily, which allows you to use the field for both baseball and softball. When you need the field for a softball game, simply remove the mound with 2-3 people. Portable mounds are lightweight and portable!

Protect the Pitching Mound During Winter Months

At the beginning of each year, you must do some major work on your dirt mound to get it ready for practices and game. Luckily, with portable mounds, you just take the mound out of storage, place it on the field, and you are ready to go!

Portable Pitching Mound Disadvantages

Higher Upfront Cost

The big disadvantage to portable pitching mounds is the cost. Game pitching mounds run anywhere from $500 to $4,000. They can get expensive quickly depending on which size you need. However, purchasing a mound is an investment. For all the reasons listed above, portable mounds will make you and your grounds crew’s lives a lot easier. Instead of spending countless hours before games and the need to repair dirt mounds every time it rains, you can simply pull the tarp off a portable mound and be ready for game action.

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